Elena Dimitrova has lived in a hospital for eleven months. After severe surgery, she was left with only 50 inches of small intestine. Since then, she has been fed intravenously. Now Eli needs a very urgent STEP surgery in Children Hospital Boston. This surgery will lenghten her small intestine.

About Eli

Eli is 27 years old, born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia. She plays the guitar and is an avid dancer of salsa, oriental and Bulgarian folk dances. She can style hair and is a certified masseuse. Eli works at a printing house.

If you see Eli... you'd hardly miss her dancing in the street. She is the type of person who makes you smile, even fall in love. You wouldn't be able to resist her gorgeous smile. You could hardly fail to look inside her laughing eyes and imagine them in tears. “How nice, there are such cheerful people in this world!”, you'd think. It wouldn't even cross your mind that she is just the one fighting for her life.
And if you know Eli... you hardly ever suspected a person could give so much of themselves. You might forget to call her for her birthday but be sure she will surprise you with a room filled with balloons on yours. You might forget to buy her a stupid Christmas present but she will make something with her own two hands and it will keep you warm for a long time. You might forget the exact day and place she's going to undergo painful medical procedures again but if something happened to you the next morning she'll be waiting in front of your door to take you into her loving arms and bring a smile on your face.

And if you love her...

...you wouldn't be able to stand a world without her.

Let's be like her.