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By Josh Keij at January 21 2021 10:09:37

Mathematics skills can improve with just one technique −practice! Most of the children end up petrified of numbers and number games because of lack of appropriate knowledge· All this is a result of poor teaching mechanics· The vast school curriculum does not teach the children the perfect way of learning the subject· It's only proper practice and regularity that can make a student reach perfection! Do worksheets help a child?

Is it his fault that he lacks confidence with word problems? Not entirely· Our actions’ as educators’ seem to imply a belief that solving word problems should come more naturally than simpler operations like arithmetic and algebra· Many parents and teachers feel justified in encouraging (i·e· forcing) a child to work hundreds or thousands of math worksheets’ drill multiplication tables’ long division··· but few encourage solving hundreds of story problems· One suspects that the relative ease of creating and checking ordinary math worksheets keeps the focus of math education on simple’ atomic operations at the expense of more holistic story problems·

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